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INCREASE YOUR IMPACT and help bring the success of Fair Trade to new farmer groups.

BRING NEW TREATS to your community and home. Great for table and holiday sales, fundraising and just plain snacking!


  • Nuts: cashews, almonds
  • Dried fruits: raisins, apricots, pineapple, mango, chocolate-covered raisins, yogurt-covered raisins

or sample our Tasting Kit with your community Map of Products & Producers
  • Raisin Farmers

    Mi Fruta Cooperative


    In a country full of vineyards, these pioneering farmers have formed Chile's only Fair Trade raisin co-operative. They grow many grape varieties and even some walnuts. Always looking forward, Mi Fruta's 28 farmer members have used Fair Trade premiums to dry grapes with renewable energy and reclaim depleted land through soil reconstruction. They are also taking the first steps towards organic farming.

  • Cashew Farmers

    Fair Trade Alliance Kerala


    Protecting both elephants and crops with elephant-friendly fencing is just one way that Alliance farmers have used Fair Trade premiums to improve their farming. They have also channeled funds to improve school facilities, support community drinking water programs and control weeds sustainably. Founded in 2006 to gain better and more stable pricing for farmers, Fair Trade Alliance Kerala is now 4,500 member strong.
    Equal Exchange also sources organic cashews from APRAINORES in El Salvador. Read more on our blog >

  • Mango Farmers

    Gebana Afrique

    Burkina Faso

    Go, sisters! Women make up most of the work force that processes Gebana Afrique's mangos. They are proud to make a decent living. The entire community benefits from adult literacy classes, new water sources, bicycles and cereal banks, paid for with Fair Trade premiums. Every year Gebana Afrique processes thousands of tons of mangoes from seventeen rural co-operatives and farming associations in southern Burkina Faso.

  • Apricot Farmers

    Mountain Fruits


    A playground! Mountain Fruits Farmers Association members have used extra Fair Trade income for community schools, school fees for the poorest students, sewing machines, a water generator, irrigation upgradesā€¦and a playground! All these improvements help them live and farm better. Mountain Fruits' mission is to improve incomes and opportunities for isolated farming communities; their 6,000+ small farmer members grow a variety of fruits and nuts.

  • Pineapple Farmers

    Fruits of the Nile


    These innovative farmers are conserving energy and protecting the land as they grow delicious pineapples. They farm organically and dry their pineapple with solar energy; the solar drying retains the bright flavor of the fruit while reducing impact on the environment. And by transporting pineapple in bulk only after it's been dried, they reduce transportation needs. Fruits of the Nile Growers Association's 700 members farm in central and southern Uganda.

  • Almond Farmers

    Hilltop Ranch

    Northern California

    Hilltop farmers are committed to organic farming and protecting our planet. Your purchases help them continue to farm organically even though conventional farming yields more almonds for less effort and fewer dollars.