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Organic Peppermint Tea

SKU# 13310

USDA Organic Kosher
Restore yourself with the invigorating aroma and flavor of peppermint. Cooling and sparkly. Caffeine free.

Availability: In stock

Organic Peppermint Tea
20 Tea Bags

Aroma: mint, licorice
Flavor: mint, sweet, thick and coating

Instructions: Bring water to boil (212F). Steep for 5 minutes.

SKU 13310
Organic Peppermint

I have tried so many peppermint teas that I have lost track, by far Equal Exchange Organic Peppermint Tea is the best I have tried. The flavor is wonderfully minty with a deep robust flavor that holds up well in a second steep. Wonderful tea.

— CimmieLM

This tea is simply delicious. I quite drinking coffee last year and I have been trying different teas to have something warm to drink. I wondering where I bought it but now I found I can buy it online from the company. Life is good and so is the peppermint tea.

— Yankee Sugar

I'm a huge fan of peppermint teas, but this one is fantastic!
It has the perfect flavor, is robust, and smells divine.

— Kate

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