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Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71 % Cacao)

SKU# 18600

USDA Organic Fair For Life Kosher
This bar is a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience. Vegan, soy- and gluten-free.

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Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71 % Cacao)
  • Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71 % Cacao)
  • Organic Very Dark Chocolate Case
New Chocolate Packaging Coming Soon
We're excited to announce that all of our chocolate bars will soon be shifting to a new vertical design that features the cacao percentage at the top of each bar, with simplified product names, and a label that makes it easier to distinguish between milk and dark chocolate options. Enjoy!

Please be advised: Chocolate bars are shipped UPS and may melt during shipment. Order only if the temperature in your region is below 75F degrees. If you are shipping to a warmer area, please place an order for insulated shipping by phone at 774-776-7366, between 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

3.5oz bar, SKU 18600

Kosher Pareve Certified in Switzerland by Rabbi Abraham Hochwald, Chief Rabbi of the Northern Rhine-Germany.
*Organic Chocolate Liquor, *Organic Raw Cane Sugar, *Organic Cocoa Butter, *Organic Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar, *Organic Ground Vanilla Beans. *Fair Trade ingredient. By weight 100% Fair Trade Content.

May contain traces of milk, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios and pecans.

Vegan, soy- and gluten-free.
This bar is made with cacao (cocoa beans) from farmer co-operatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru. The sugar and vanilla are also fairly traded and organic. The sugar comes from co-operatives in Paraguay and the vanilla from a co-operative in Madagascar.
Organic Very Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is heavenly decadent! I love dark chocolate (70% or above), and Equal Exchange Very Dark (71%)Chocolate and Extra Dark (80%) Chocolate Bars are the best! I've tried ALOT of chocolate brands and dark chocolates, and Equal Exchange is my favorite chocolate. It is so smooth, rich, and creamy in flavor, and high-quality! I also love how there is no soy lecithin added. Yum!

— Anonymous

I try many, many dark chocolates from all over the world and this one is absolutely the best I've tried. It has a very intense feel on the mouth, has a bit of a coffee taste, with excellent balance.

— Anonymous

The taste is perfect and the texture is very creamy which you often don't find in a dark chocolate...others are crumbly and chalky. I am so happy to have found this brand and find myself restocking before I run out. Just a little bit will do ya!

— Anonymous

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