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Organic Cold Brew Coffee - 5lb

SKU# 10403

Full City Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
Specially crafted for iced coffee, this post-roast blend of three African origins creates a dense and creamy flavor experience rich with notes of milk chocolate and ripe berries. Whole bean only.

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Organic Cold Brew Coffee
  • Organic Cold Brew Coffee
  • Organic Cold Brew Coffee Label
Our relationships with pioneering coffee producers in Uganda, Ethiopia and the D.R. Congo have privileged us with some excellent beans. In this blend, the flavorful and unique characteristics of both washed and naturally processed beans come together for a refreshing, sweet and velvety iced coffee experience.

Choose "Case5" to order a case of two 5lb bags.

Aroma: caramel, molasses, milk chocolate
Flavor: sweet, chocolate, cherry, blueberry
Mouthfeel: dense & creamy

We crafted this lovely blend with care and recommend using our preferred method for brewing iced coffee: Toddy™ Method.

SKU 10403

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.
Quality Manager Dame Regassa of the SCFCU in Ethiopia Quality Manager Dame Regassa of the SCFCU in Ethiopia.

This cold brew coffee blend was specifically designed to be smooth and chocolatey, but it also tells the story of three co-ops in Africa that have formed a new bond across geographic and cultural borders. The origins of this blend are exquisite, each reaching elevations that surpass 1,500 MASL. On these high slopes, farmers work hard to cultivate great quality beans. In 2011, we began working with the small farmer co-op SOPACDI and were excited to introduce the US specialty market to coffee from the DRC. Beth Ann, our Quality Manager, noted that this young co-op didn’t have a cupper on staff, and she offered to help them find and train one. Over the last 2 1/2 years, we have supported both this person and this vital function through training and crossborder exchanges with our producer partners in Uganda and Ethiopia. Here is how that work has unfolded:

2012 Beth Ann travels to DRC to help identify a cupper for SOPACDI: Dunia 'Moises' Muhindo.

2013 Moises travels by bus to Uganda to work on roasting and cupping with Beth Ann and Ann Marie, the cupper from Gumutindo co-op.

2014 Beth Ann returns to DRC to work with Moises on intermediate cupper training.

2015 Moises flies to Ethiopia to meet Mike, Equal Exchange's Coffee Quality Coordinator for a 4-day seminar with Quality Manager Dame Regassa of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.