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Organic Proud Mama Coffee - 14oz

SKU# 14101

Full City Roast
USDA Organic Fair For Life Kosher
Honoring proud mothers and families everywhere, this blend lifts up women farmers who are becoming leaders and sending their children to school. Feel the pride when you savor this coffee’s notes of fresh caramel, chocolate and savory spice. Drip grind only.

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Organic Proud Mama Coffee
Support the Uganda Stove Project! For every can of Proud Mama coffee sold from now until Mother’s Day, Equal Exchange will contribute $1 to help build energy-efficient stoves in the homes of Ugandan women. Give the proud mama in your life a meaningful gift: delicious coffee from Uganda that supports moms across the world.

These stoves make a remarkable difference in the lives of women and families. They reduce the amount of firewood necessary to cook by 50%, meaning a substantial savings in money, labor and time. These stoves can cook more dishes at once, and faster, meaning less time in the kitchen. Best of all, they provide a warm, smoke-free environment for families to spend time together in.

In the spring of 2014, we raised enough to build over 100 stoves. Let’s do it again this year!

Choose "Case6" to order a case of six 14oz cans.

SKU 14101

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.
Oliva Kishero

Oliva Kishero

Map of Uganda

Oliva is a coffee farmer, a proud mother of seven, an entrepreneur, and a leader of women. She's come a long way. When Oliva joined her coffee co-op, no other women were members. She then helped other women join and even started a women's group with a small savings and loan program. With income from farming and side projects, she has sent all of her children to boarding school. Her motivation? Helping other women build a better future for their children. "It is out of my heart," she says.

Honoring proud mothers and families everywhere.

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