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Organic Love Buzz Coffee - 10/12oz

SKU# 17012-C

Full City & French Roast Blend
USDA Organic Kosher
This dark and smoky favorite has sweet velvety layers of chocolate brownie, caramel corn, malt and toffee.

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Organic Love Buzz Coffee Whole Bean
Aroma: floral, malt, apple pie
Flavor: very dark chocolate, smoky, malt
Mouthfeel: dense & fudgy

Why is this coffee in 10 oz. bags?

Scoop for scoop, the 10 oz. bag contains the same amount of coffee as our 12 oz. bags. This is because darker roast coffees actually weigh less, as the beans lose more moisture during a longer roasting process. Beans also expand the longer they are roasted, and begin to take up more space. You are getting the same number of beans as a 12 oz. bag, but the grounds themselves are simply lighter than those of a Medium or Full City roast!

We offer 12 oz. of whole bean Love Buzz because the beans have not expanded as much as our darker coffees, and we are able to fit more per bag.

SKU 17012 (drip grind, 10oz), 17013 (whole bean, 12oz)

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.

This is absolutely the best coffee available. I've found nothing better and I'm an avid coffee drinker. Everyone I share this exquisite taste with loves it! They want to know where to buy it.

— Jay K.

This coffee makes my day. I am not even kidding. Sometimes I can hardly wait to get up just so that I can drink it. Just fabulous.

— Anonymous

Absolutely excellent, loaded with flavor, but not burnt as someone else pointed out. The one coffee both me and my spouse agree on! And it is what tipped my congregation to buying Equal Exchange coffee for fellowship use — they RAVED about it, and these are very down–to–earth folks who aren't interested in "gourmet coffee." Now these rural folk will be in partnership with rural folk around the world, through coffee.

— Anonymous

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