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Organic French Roast Coffee - 10oz

SKU# 17002-C

French Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
This dark gem is full of chocolaty richness, with a subtle smoky flavor. It's our bestseller - you'll see why.

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Organic French Roast Coffee Whole Bean
  • Organic French Roast Coffee Whole Bean
  • Organic French Roast Coffee Ground
Aroma: brown sugar, brownie, floral
Flavor: sweet, fudgy chocolate, gingerbread
Mouthfeel: velvety & thick
Acidity: delicate
Aftertaste: prolonged, bittersweet chocolate

SKU 17002 (drip grind), 17003 (whole bean)

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.

Best coffee I have *ever* tried (and believe me I tried a lot!) No acidity in the mouth or stomach at all, just a delicious taste. You will feel its difference with the very first sip. Strongly recommended!

— Anonymous

We love this coffee! We've been buying it for years. For a decade we had a retail store in the mountains of Colorado and we sold Equal Exchange's full line of coffee; Organic French Roast is the one we chose to drink ourselves. Yum!

— Anonymous

Equal Exchange French Roast (whole bean) coffee has risen like cream to the top of my MUST HAVE list. These beans, when ground as finely as possible (turkish), create the best home brewed coffee I've ever tasted. For me, that means coffee that is strong, not bitter, while retaining its own distinctive flavor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

— Anonymous

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