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Above: Francisca Quevedo Chinguel at Nor Andino Co-op (formerly CEPICAFE) in Peru.

It all starts with the farmers

Picking Coffee

Doña Maria Amparo Centeno Gonzalez, PRODECOOP Cooperative, Nicaragua

We know that it all begins with the farmers, with their knowledge, dedication and inventiveness — and we believe in strengthening that foundation. That's why Equal Exchange builds long-term, mutually beneficial trade partnerships with small-scale farmer co-operatives. We know our farmer partners and they know us, creating an atmosphere of trust and transparency: they trust our investment in and support for their livelihoods, and we trust them to uphold our high standards for quality and consistency.

More than just a fair price

Coffee Harvest

Members of Las Colinas Co-op in El Salvador pose with Equal Exchange Quality Control Manager Beth Ann Caspersen alongside the day's harvest.

Our relationships with our farmer partners differ from what is seen on conventional markets. We offer pre-harvest credit and financing to support farmers during off seasons, and Fair Trade premiums provide funding for projects like new schools, roads, clean water, healthcare or agricultural equipment — the makings of healthier, stronger and more sustainable communities.

Building cooperation and democracy

Women's group

The Nasufwa women's group, Gumutindo Co-op, Uganda

Our support of farmer-led co-operatives promotes democratic organization, empowers women in leadership positions and as business owners and encourages economic development around the world. These practices promote prosperity and development, and we know that strong farmers mean strong farms — and a better world for all of us to live in.


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