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We're excited to offer handmade, Fair Trade crafts from artisans around the world - including jewelry, scarves, toys and more!

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  1. Panzi Bag

    Panzi Bag

    Teal, black & white, woven plastic Learn More

  2. Danica Glass Pendant demonstrated

    Danica Glass Pendant

    Special Price:  $6.50

    Regular Price:  $14.00

    A cluster of colorful, faceted beads clings to a smooth brass frame and falls from a delicately beaded chain. Learn More

  3. Analise Cluster Earrings demonstrated

    Analise Cluster Earrings

    Special Price:  $3.50

    Regular Price:  $8.00

    Shimmering, multicolored glass beads mingle with brass filigree orbs. Learn More

  4. Swirl Kadi Scarf

    Swirl Kadi Scarf

    Special Price:  $16.50

    Regular Price:  $30.00

    Make waves with this scarf! Hand-woven cotton is hand-spun and hand-embroidered by women in western India. Intricate hand applique and tanka embroidery beautify the two borders of this scarf. 100% Cotton. Learn More

  5. Sunset Bodo Scarf

    Sunset Bodo Scarf

    Special Price:  $11.00

    Regular Price:  $20.00

    Brighten any room you walk into! Hand-woven cotton is hand-spun by women western India. Learn More

Grid List

5 Item(s)

per page