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Selling Supplies

Shop Selling Supplies

Check out our wide variety of selling supplies to create a beautiful display that will help you raise money for your community while also supporting small farmers through Fair Trade. Great for holiday bazaars!

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  1. Tea Rack with 3rd Tier

    Tea Rack - Third Tier

    Optional third tier easily attaches to our branded tea rack. Learn More

  2. Tea Rack

    Two Tier Tea Rack

    Great for dispensing single tea bags at coffee hour or showcasing the teas you offer at a table sale. Learn More

  3. Pamphlet Holder

    Pamphlet Holder

    Display our 3.5"x8.75" partnership pamphlets at your event or sales table. Limit 2 holders per group. Learn More

  4. Catalog Fundraising
    Out of Stock

    Catalog Fundraising Packet

    Interested in holding a catalog fundraiser with your youth group, school, or congregation at large? Order an information packet to learn how to get started. Learn More
    Out of stock
  5.  Table Signs
    Out of Stock

    Table Signs with Holders

    Display these small, colorful 4"x6" table signs at your coffee hour, event, or sale to educate your community. Each sign features different farmer photos, quotes, and facts to demonstrate the impact of Fair Trade. Learn More
    Out of stock
  6. Equal Exchange Tin-Tie Bag - Front View

    Tin-Tie Bags

    Our tin-tie bags can be used to repackage bulk coffees for buying clubs, fundraisers, or home use. Learn More

  7. Chocolate Wire Rack - Vertical

    Chocolate Rack for Vertical Bars

    Create an enticing display of chocolate with this rack at your next table sale. It's been updated to fit our new, vertically oriented chocolate bars. Learn More

  8. Partnership Stickers

    Partnership Stickers

    These stickers with your coffee project logo let your congregation know what they are supporting when they buy coffee, chocolate, tea or other products. Learn More

  9. Packaged Coffee Labels

    Packaged Coffee Labels

    Here by popular demand, these brightly colored stickers make it easy for customers to differentiate Decaffeinated and Flavored coffees from the rest of the bunch, leading to less confusion on the shelf. Learn More

  10. EE Logo Waterproof Sticker

    Equal Exchange Logo Sticker

    This sticker is a great way to make a statement. Learn More

  11. Power to the Farmers Sticker

    Power to the Farmers Sticker

    Show your support for small scale farmers around the globe with this sticker. Great for kids and youth groups. Learn More

  12. Coffee Supply Chain Poster

    Coffee Supply Chain Poster

    Equal Exchange's model is very different from conventional trade: we source our coffee directly from small-scale farmer cooperatives, building long-term, equitable relationships in the process. Display this poster at your sale, event, or coffee hour to start conversations about why Fair Trade matters. Learn More

  13. Organic Foods Variety Pack

    Organic Foods Variety Pack

    Help promote your fundraiser and increase sales or introduce Equal Exchange at your next PTA or fundraising meeting. Learn More

  14. Selling Equal Exchange Products
    Out of Stock

    Sales Promotion Tool Kit

    Offering fairly traded coffee, tea, and foods for sale in your congregation, school, or community group makes a real difference for small-scale farmers around the world. This kit can help you decide what products to offer and includes promotional resources for your sale table. Learn More
    Out of stock

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14 Item(s)

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