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Inspiration for your Fair Trade Holiday Bazaar

It's time to start planning your Holiday Bazaar! Make it memorable and meaningful by offering Fair Trade foods and gifts that make a difference in communities around the world, from coffee and tea to chocolate and snacks. Here are some tips and ideas to get you thinking about this year's Fair Trade table sale.

Table Sale
  1. Announce your sale early and often. Start promoting a few weeks before your first sale. Make announcements during services and don't forget to use your pull out poster from the Fall 2016 Toolkit!
  2. Hold your sale over two or three consecutive weeks to give folks more time to shop and come back for more!
  3. A colorful, well organized sales table will help you attract customers. Use a colorful tablecloth and add some holiday touches like gift basket displays.
  4. Post prices with a table sign. Don't forget to use your table tent signs from the Fall Toolkit!
  5. Our wire display racks help create an attractive sale table. Use racks and shelving to save table space. Equal Exchange offers custom racks for chocolate and tea, or you can find your own locally.
  6. Keep it set up. Rolling carts can be locked away in a supply closet fully set up, or a storage cabinet with locking doors can stay filled.
  7. Order products that you can sell in time. Don't over order. It's always better to order more later than to be stuck with items that you can't return. Try putting out a sign-up sheet for customer requests and make sure that you order them before the holiday order deadline.
  8. Make your own gift baskets. Provide empty baskets, ribbon, and other packing materials (for free or for a small charge) and encourage customers to build their own gift. Try asking community members to bring in spare baskets from home for just this purpose. Or, get creative with baskets, ribbon and decorations from home or a craft store and fill them with Equal Exchange goodies.
  9. Distribute bulk coffee into plain tin-tie bags and decorate away! Our handmade gift wrap also makes beautiful craft paper for decorating.
  10. Hold a tasting ahead of time! Offer pieces of chocolate, brew different types of coffee you plan to sell, and offer olive oil with bread for dipping.
  11. Sell homemade baked goods that use Equal Exchange products! Just add our chocolate chips, baking cocoa or olive oil to your favorite recipes. Check out our selection here.
  12. Be strategic about your pricing. Round up to the nearest dollar to help cover costs and make giving change easier. Sell multiple items at slightly reduced prices (one chocolate bar for $3, two for $5) to help encourage more sales. You can also make gifts more accessible by selling at cost.
  13. Make some food-based crafts to sell, like our Cookie and Brownie Mix in a Jar.

Looking for more ideas and materials? Download the Fall 2016 Toolkit PDF! Enjoy the spirit of the season, and thank you for bringing the best of small farmers to your community.