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Discontinued: Guatemalan Honey

SKU# 60111

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. A silky liquid honey with a rich amber color, a delicate floral aroma and a hint of vanilla overtones. Comes in a squeezable bottle.

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Guatemalan Honey
Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

12oz squeezable bottle. Choose "Case6" to order a case of 6 bottles.

Our liquid honey has rich amber color, a delicate floral aroma, and supports CIPAC, a co-operative of beekeepers in northwest Guatemala.

CIPAC has more than 140 members and sells honey gathered from over 5,000 hives. The area where the beekeepers live and work is beautiful, but remote, and there are few work opportunities. Beekeeping is a great option because it has low start-up costs and is good for the environment.

Fair Trade sales have helped CIPAC members improve the quality of their honey and increase production, as well as learn about how to adapt to the changing climate. As beekeeper and co-op member Aurelio Cruz said, "Our honey is good, but there are many areas we need to improve, such as having a better understanding of how to deal with bees' illness or too much rain at the wrong time. Thanks to Fair Trade, we are getting a good price for the honey and other supports that are helping to address some of these areas of concern."

SKU 60111
Your purchase of this delightful honey supports beekeepers in a beautiful, remote community in the Cuchumatan mountains. Read More here.
Guatemalan Honey