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Chocolate Teaching Kit

SKU# 46220

The Equal Exchange Chocolate Teaching Kit will take students on a chocolate journey from Bean to Bar. Bring chocolate lessons to life in the classroom.

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Chocolate Teaching Kit
Did you know chocolate comes from a tree, or that the beans are originally covered in a sticky white goop? Your students probably didn't either and will love this reusable lesson!

Each kit comes with:
  • 1 - real, dried cacao pod
  • 1 - bag of dried, fermented cacao beans
  • 1 - Fair Trade grass basket for storage
  • 2 - Equal Exchange chocolate bars
  • *Three-Part Cards

*Instructional information including how to conduct a chocolate tasting like the experts. These items come in .pdf format, not pre-printed, and will be emailed to you after you order.

SKU 46220