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Organic Fellowship Blend Decaf Coffee - 1lb

SKU# 11025

Full City Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
This sweet and sparkling decaf is grown organically by small farmers and ground specially for percolators. Percolator grind only.

Availability: In stock

Organic Fellowship Blend Decaf  Coffee
Mind the Grind!

Dear friends,

In this production run of all versions of Fellowship Blend, the grind is a little finer than you are used to. You may want to adjust accordingly, for example using slightly less coffee than you normally would. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please let us know and we will reimburse you for the purchase. Boxes with the finer grind will be identified by a sticker on the box.


Equal Exchange

Aroma: vanilla, sweet spice, nutty
Flavor: balanced, sweet, caramel, citrus
Mouthfeel: mild and smooth

SKU 11025

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.

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