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Organic Green Tea

SKU# 13305

USDA Organic Kosher
A satisfying, delicate green tea with a social conscience.

Availability: In stock

Organic Green Tea
20 Tea Bags

Aroma: nori, apple, steamed rice
Flavor: lemongrass, honey, nori, round bodied and sweet with bright astringency

Instructions: Boil water. Allow to cool for about 5 min to 170 - 180F. Steep for 2-3 minutes.

SKU 13305
Organic Green Tea Leaves

This tea is delicious and full-flavored, but not overwhelming. The only bad thing is that I didn't order more – my kids, who don't like tea, love it and are drinking mine all up! lol

— Sabriam

I have been trying to find a tea that I like. This green tea is so smooth that I love it. Now I have something healthy to drink on those cold winter days.

— Not Usually a Tea Lover

I'm in agreement with the other reviewers. This is the best green tea I've ever had. It's incredibly smooth and the instructions give perfect steeping directions so the tea is not bitter at all and tastes great. Wonderful product.

— Anonymous

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