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Above: Quality Control Manager Beth Ann Casperson and a farmer at Las Colinas Co-op in El Salvador

Preserving, protecting and nourishing the land

Picking Coffee

Rosa González, El Pinal, APECAFE Cooperative, El Salvador

Healthy farms and communities depend on a healthy environment. That's why Equal Exchange is committed to protecting, preserving and improving our planet and its resources wherever we can. We promote and support sustainable, innovative agricultural practices, restoration and diversification projects, organic farming and shade grown coffee. And while most of our products are certified organic, we also partner with farmers whose land is in transition — providing them with critical support as they adopt more environmentally friendly ways of growing and processing their crops.

Coffee Seedlings

Coffee seedlings being tended at Las Colinas Cooperative, El Salvador

Our farmer partners are equally committed to taking on the challenges of preservation and resiliency, and they work hard to ensure the health of their land, year after year. There is always work to be done and progress to be made, whether it's in maintaining healthy soil, fighting coffee leaf rust, protecting fragile ecosystems or planting new trees to promote biodiversity. Through Fair Trade premiums and with support from Equal Exchange, this essential work is made possible.

Big change in our own backyard

Equal Exchange is committed to reducing our environmental impact at home and working to maximize our resources locally, wherever possible. This includes using recyclable or compostable packaging when possible, minimizing our energy use, and composting coffee waste.


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