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Above: Equal Exchange staff and customers visit CONACADO Co-op in the Dominican Republic

We put people before profit

From the very beginning, Equal Exchange has worked to change the face of trade. We believe in a fair, honest and equitable system that empowers both farmers and consumers — and that our world would be better for it.

We believe that people come before profit, and act on this principle by paying above-market prices to farmers, including Fair Trade premiums for use in community improvement projects. We form long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and cut out intermediaries — ensuring that the farmers are paid the full value of their crops. These trade practices mean that our farmer partners have a voice and an active role in the trading system, in a world where this is typically not the case.

The authentic Fair Trade movement has come a long way since 1986, and there's still progress to be made. Every time you choose fairly traded products, you support and empower this movement and further its success.

A different way to trade

From the very beginning, Equal Exchange has worked to put more profit into the hands of the farmers who grow our coffee and food. One way we make this happen is by trading directly with small-scale farmers and cutting out the middlemen who reduce their income.

The Coffee Supply Chain

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Where does your food come from?

Get an inside look at our journey to Peru to visit one of our coffee producers.