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Above: Equal Exchange staff visit with members of CECOVASA Co-op in Peru

Your support makes the difference

We know that you care about where your food comes from, and that's great. Because we know the farmers behind each product, you can know them too! We are excited to connect you with the people who make your favorite products possible, and are dedicated to sharing their stories and linking our diverse communities together.

As an Equal Exchange customer, it's easy to make choices that have a positive impact on the world around you. And of course, we strive to bring you the best, most delicious and high quality coffee, tea, chocolate and foods possible.

Thanks to you, small farmers around the world are building successful businesses, thriving communities and bright futures.

  • First Parish, Wayland, MA

    First Parish in Wayland, MA began selling Equal Exchange products during coffee hour 10 years ago. Watch video >

  • Unitarian Church of Sharon, MA

    The Unitarian Church of Sharon, MA organizes a holiday bazaar. Watch video >

Staying true to our roots

Equal Exchange Founders

The three Equal Exchange founders — Jonathan Rosenthal, Michael Rozyne and Rink Dickinson.

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-operative that was founded by three ambitious friends in 1986. Now with offices around the United States and over 110 worker-owners, we are a thriving and profitable business that has maintained its original vision. We seek to demonstrate, through our success, that alternative for-profit structures are sustainable business models that are good for economies, communities and individuals. Every day, our worker-owners strive for better coffee, chocolate, tea and a variety of other fairly traded products. We strive for a more equitable, democratic and productive workplace — one that reflects our values. And every day, there is progress. We are proud to lead by example and to have the support of people like you.