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Organic Rabble Rouser Coffee - 5lb

SKU# 10037

Medium Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
A balanced, sweet and savory coffee with a sparkling lemon acidity, silky mouthfeel and woodsy, cocoa and vanilla notes. Whole Bean only.

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Organic Rabble Rouser Coffee
Choose "Case5" to order a case of two 5lb bags.

Tasting Notes
Sweet & Savory
lemon, graham, berry, woodsy

Rabble Rouser is a balanced and sweet cup with notes of graham cracker, candied pecan, and orange zest, while cocoa and vanilla round out the coffee. Its sparkling lemon acidity coupled with a silky and light mouthfeel make this coffee an easy drinker for any time of the day in any brew method.

SKU 10037

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.

Please note: tasting notes and descriptions refer to the natural flavors and nuances of the coffee. There is no added flavoring.

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