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Organic Rabble Rouser Coffee - 5lb

SKU# 10037

Medium Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
Our feisty blend has dark brown spices and malt flavors rounded out by a heavy mouthfeel and a light, zesty aftertaste. Whole bean only.

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Organic Rabble Rouser Coffee
Choose "Case5" to order a case of two 5lb bags.

Aroma: malted milk chocolate, dark spice
Flavor: citrus, malt, chocolate, spicy
Mouthfeel: heavy & round

You could say we've ruffled a few feathers since starting our fairly traded organization over 25 years ago. And many of our farmer partners have faced tough challenges on the road to becoming successful co-ops. This coffee is a tribute to making noise, standing up for what you believe in, and working together to get your voices heard. We hope it will wake up your palate Ð and your inner activist.

SKU 10037

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.

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