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Organic Eight Rivers Coffee - 14oz

SKU# 14051

Medium Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
Limited Edition! Available May - July: A light, smooth coffee from the buffer zone of the El Imposible National Park in El Salvador. Whole Bean only.

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Organic Eight Rivers Coffee
Our Biosphere Reserve Series showcases coffee from three wild, wondrous national parks – each an ecological powerhouse. Coffee grown in these parks helps sustain the buffering communities and their efforts to preserve the protected ecosystems.

This coffee comes from the El Imposible National Park in El Salvador. It is a verdant landscape, with terrain ranging from steep rocky cliffs to freshwater mangroves. The park is home to thousands of plant and animal species, including pumas, tigrillos, wild boars, king hawks, and black-crested eagles.

Eight rivers originate within the park, and are key to the life within and beyond the borders. Water and coffee are two connected forces in the region, and the farmers who rely on both have also become stewards of these two resources.

Our co-op partner for this coffee is Las Colinas, whose members are committed to sustainable practices that enrich both the local environment and their farming livelihood.

Aroma: caramel, citrus, floral
Flavor: tart, cherry, milk chocolate
Mouthfeel: light & refreshing

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SKU 14051, choose "CASE6" to order a case of six 14oz cans.

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.
Organic Eight Rivers coffee is a tangible result of the reciprocal relationship between the farmers of Las Colinas and the surrounding ecosystem of El Imposible National Park.

Clean, abundant water is necessary for quality coffee, and coffee helps maintain quality water. Coffee crops grown at high elevations on these precarious slopes help absorb rainfall and anchor topsoil in place, preventing erosion and helping to keep rivers flowing fresh and free throughout the park and surrounding communities.

Because the health of the co–op's farms and the health of the neighboring park are inextricably linked, Las Colinas has worked hard to implement sustainable methods that protect the local rivers, wildlife, and forest.

Through a grant from Catholic Relief Services, Las Colinas was able to purchase or renovate parts of their processing equipment. Now, they have a state of the art "eco-mill" which recycles wastewater used during processing back into the plant, helping both to conserve water and protect the soil and groundwater supply from contaminants.

After years of transition, all of their coffee is certified organic and grown under heavy forested canopy, and they have committed to planting thousands of new coffee trees each year throughout the farm. Equal Exchange is proud to support Las Colinas as they make great strides in restoring and protecting the natural lushness of their land.