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Organic Expedition Coffee - 14oz

SKU# 14052

Full City Roast
USDA Organic Kosher
Limited Edition! Available November - February: take an Expedition to the buffer zone of the protected Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in Peru. Whole Bean only.

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Organic Expedition Coffee
  • Organic Expedition Coffee
  • Organic Expedition Label
Choose "CASE6" to order a case of six 14oz cans.

Aroma: grape, vanilla, caramel
Flavor: balanced, red wine, maple, chocolate
Mouthfeel: round, thick

Introducing our Biosphere Reserve Series, showcasing coffee from some of the most wondrous and wild places... and working to keep them that way! We source coffee from three national parks that are ecological powerhouses in different corners of the globe. Coffee is an important part of how communities buffering the parks preserve the protected ecosystems. This series will highlight coffee from each park - one at a time, over the course of a year.

Our current offering: Organic Expedition coffee from the buffer zone of the protected Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in Peru.

SKU 14052

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.
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