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Discontinued: Organic Strawberry Jam

SKU# 60122

USDA Organic
Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Organic strawberries are cooked down in traditional copper pans with organic sugar to preserver natural sweet and juicy flavors.

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Organic Strawberry Jam
Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Choose "Case 6" to order a case of 6 12oz bottles.

Fair Trade Organic Sugar, Organic Strawberries, Gelling Agent pectin, Citric Acid
Our luscious Strawberry Jam uses organic strawberries, which are cooked down in traditional copper pans to preserve natural sweet and juicy flavors. The fairly traded, organic sugar used comes from the Asociación Agricola Canera Organica de Iturbe (AACOI) which is a group of small-scale sugar cane farmers in the Iturbe region of Paraguay, a region known for sugar cane production. AACOI has about 330 members and the average farm size is 15 hectares.

Sugar processing in Paraguay is dominated by three major companies, as it requires huge capital investments to buy the right equipment and build the necessary large facilities. Because of this and lack of access to market and price information, small-scale farmers in this region have had little bargaining power and infrastructure is poor. The nearest town with access to health care, educational and financial services is 18 miles away on a dirt road.

Against all odds, in 1998 a group of farmers formed the AACOI to negotiate together with the local processing mill for better prices. In addition, the co-op provides pre-harvest financing, food programs, educational programs, health care programs and has purchased tractors for members to share and a truck so they can sell other crops to the local market for income diversification. In addition to crop diversification with products like yucca and corn, AACOI has a reforestation program that uses native trees and fruit trees to prevent soil erosion.
Strawberry Jam