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Panzi Bag

SKU# 44203

Teal, black & white, woven plastic

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Panzi Bag

Size: 16x12x8 with (2) 16” handles

Panzi bags are a direct result of the Congo Coffee Project, a joint initiative of Equal Exchange and the Panzi Foundation to support women affected by sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together with our customers, we raised more than $16,000 in 2012 and this funding was used to develop, train and market a new product, the Panzi Bag. Each bag is crafted by survivors of sexual violence that are receiving care at the Maison Dorcas aftercare center.

Women are invited to participate in the bag making project which aims to teach these survivors the art and skill of basket weaving and provide them with income for their work. Panzi bags are part of the healing process and provide the women with a set of skills that can be used when they leave the aftercare program. Equal Exchange is proud to be the first buyer of these beautiful bags and to bring them to market.

Thank you to all of our customers and supporters of the Congo Coffee Project and to you for purchasing a Panzi Bag. Your contribution does make a difference!

Thank you,

Beth Ann Caspersen - Equal Exchange Quality Control Manager
Learn More: www.equalexchange.coop/congocoffeeproject

SKU 44203