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Single Serve Cups FAQ

How are these single serve cups different from others?

The Equal Exchange single serve cup stands out from the rest. The plastic cup is #5 recyclable, and the lid is recyclable aluminum. The filter is 88% compostable (and coffee grounds are excellent for composting!) Our single serve coffees are organic and, as always, fairly traded. Our expert quality control team has also carefully developed the perfect grind ratios to get the great taste you expect from Equal Exchange in every convenient cup.

How does the taste compare to other brewing methods?

We know that coffee quality is important to you — us too! We've tried and tested our single serve cups with our experienced quality control team and can say with confidence that they raise the bar for single serve flavor and uphold our high standards.

Are your single serve cups environmentally friendly?

We are proud to offer a cup that is #5 recyclable plastic with a recyclable aluminum lid and a filter that is 88% compostable! This is the most environmentally friendly option on the market.

Are your single serve cups biodegradable? Why not?

No, our single serve cups are not biodegradable. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guide, a product or package qualifies as biodegradable if it “completely breaks down and returns to nature, decomposing into elements found in nature within a reasonably short period of time after customary disposal.”

In the U.S. , composting facilities are not common and as a result, most of these cups would end up in a landfill where conditions for biodegradation are not present.

Instead, the cups and lid are recyclable and can be processed in the many recycling facilities around the country. And, the coffee grounds and filter can be composted at home (great for your yard or garden.)

How many different kinds of single serve coffees do you offer?

Currently, we offer three of our most popular blends in single serve cups: Organic Breakfast Blend, Organic French Roast, and Organic Unwind Decaf.

Where can I use Equal Exchange single serve cups?

One quarter of Americans own or use single serve coffee machines. And now, you can have fairly traded, organic and environmentally friendly cups wherever single serve machines are found – like your office, congregation, home or school.

Why are you now offering single serve cups?

Many of our customers already use single serve coffee machines, and many more will begin using them in the coming years. We want to offer single serve users a better option — the organic, fairly traded and delicious coffee you know and love from Equal Exchange in the most environmentally friendly packaging available.

Equal Exchange values the preferences, opinions and needs of our customers and has carefully considered the ongoing conversation surrounding single serve coffee. After talking to many of our customers and assessing their situations, we're excited to offer this ethical and high-quality single serve cup.

Expanding our line of options also has deep ties to our mission, which is largely about supporting small-scale farmers. We are thrilled to be able to bring more of our partners'' organic, Fair Trade coffee to the market in a time when small-scale farmers need our support the most.

*Equal Exchange is not affiliated with KEURIG, Inc. "KEURIG®", "K-CUP®", and "Vue®" are registered trademarks of KEURIG, Inc.