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Flower Flower Our Coffes Tell a Story Butterfly New story coffees

A proud mother in Uganda sends all her children to school. In Peru, farmers come together and build their own successful business. A Nicaraguan woman now owns her own coffee farm. Share stories of love, power and hope with your community in a whole new way.

  • Everyone will be delighted with these beautiful, new coffees!
  • Each colorful can tells a powerful story and contains a delicious blend.
  • Perfect for gifts, fundraising and enjoying at homeā€¦
Coffees Stories
  • Oliva Kishero

    Oliva Kishero

    Map of Uganda

    Oliva is a coffee farmer, a proud mother of seven, an entrepreneur, and a leader of women. She's come a long way. When Oliva joined her coffee co-op, no other women were members. She then helped other women join and even started a women's group with a small savings and loan program. With income from farming and side projects, she has sent all of her children to boarding school. Her motivation? Helping other women build a better future for their children. "It is out of my heart," she says.

    Honoring proud mothers and families everywhere.

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  • A Mighty Morning in Peru, Cooperativa Nor Andino Florizel Da Cunia Quevedo

    Florizel Da Cunia Quevedo

    Map of Peru

    When farmers organize, they become more powerful. Fifteen years ago in the mountains of Peru, a small group of isolated coffee farmers joined together and formed a co-op. Today, Cooperativa Nor Andino has 7,000 members with access to pre-harvest credit, training on organic farming, and health services. Together they own a state-of-the-art processing mill, and they have diversified their farms to include sugar, fruit, and cacao. Working together, the farmers of Cooperativa Nor Andino start their mornings strong.

    Start your morning strong with this tasty blend.

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  • Many Hands, One Harvest in Nicaragua, Tierra Nueva Co-op Esmeralda Mora Martinez

    Esmeralda Mora Martinez

    Map of Nicaragua

    In a region where most women don't own land or businesses, the coffee farmers of Tierra Nueva are joining hands to change women's lives. Through the co-op, women participate in leadership training to learn new skills and gain confidence. Tierra Nueva has also used coffee income to form a credit union that gives loans specifically to women. As more women become farm owners, they build better futures through each coffee harvest.

    Esmeralda Mora Martinez

    From their hands to yours, enjoy this delicious harvest.

  • Bounty for All in El Salvador, Las Colinas Co-op Members of Las Colinas

    Members of Las Colinas

    Map of El Salvador

    In a country once torn apart by civil war, the farmers of Las Colinas have grown coffee against all odds. In 1980, government land reform gave many poor Salvadorans their own land. But without technical assistance or access to bank credit, most of these farmers went bankrupt. And yet the farmers of Las Colinas co-op persevered. They learned how to run a business. They learned how to farm successfully. Now they farm collectively on land once owned by one wealthy plantation owner. And, they all share in the bounty of the coffee harvest.

    Share in the bounty with every cup.