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Equal Exchange in your Congregation

Equal Exchange partners with many congregations around the country, helping them bring Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate and more to their communities. Hold table sales, special events or coffee hour featuring Equal Exchange.

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  • Selling Our Products

    Selling Our Products

    Inspire your community by selling fairly traded, organic Equal Exchange products at table sales, holiday bazaars, and events. Bring authentic Fair Trade to your neighborhood and make a difference in the lives of small-scale farmers. Learn More...

  • Serving Our Coffee

    Serving Our Coffee

    Express your values by serving fairly traded, organic Equal Exchange coffee at your coffee hour. We have everything you need, from dark roast to decaf, a full line of teas, and options for many kinds of brewers. Learn More...

  • Interfaith Program

    Interfaith Program

    Are you part of one of our Interfaith partnerships? You can choose your project when you create your account to ensure that your purchases count towards the Small Farmer Fund. Sign up or learn more...