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The Inspiring Women of ASPROCAFE Ingruma

Women’s voices are a growing force within our supply chain, and we’re proud to honor them with our seasonal Women in Coffee series. Organic Crescendo comes to you from Colombia, where coffee farming is deeply rooted in the culture. ASPROCAFE Ingruma is one of the leading farmer co-ops in organic production, and we’d like to spotlight four dynamic women who are not only coffee farmers, but are also professionals employed by the co-op in influential positions. Their work demonstrates their commitment to mother earth and to empowering farmers.

Rocio Motato Suarez, General Manager

Rocio (left) is a grassroots activist, on the ground working with farmers. She is one of the architects of el Dia del Campo, an annual event that brings together coffee farmers in their communities for training, education and community building.

Yaneth Taborda Morales, Coffee Cupper

Yaneth manages the Coffee Collection Center, where the co-op buys the coffee from its farmer members. As manager, she talks to farmers about their coffee’s quality and sorts and grades their coffee right before their eyes. She is also teaching other farmers to cup and analyze coffee.

Luz Marina Garcia Ruiz, Social Program Coordinator

Luz Marina  (right) manages the social programs that are funded by Fair Trade premiums. She is an active supporter of the organic movement and organizes countless farmer trainings. Her work also includes managing the co-op’s women’s program, food security program and a project to serve school lunches.

Angelica Arroyave Cordoba, Quality Ambassador and Primary Coffee Cupper 

Angelica is a skilled cupper and is engaged in coffee quality both within and beyond her co-op. She competed in Colombia’s National Cupping Competition in 2015, and won! She went on to finish ninth in the world. Angelica is on a professional path to become a Q Grader Instructor. She apprenticed with Equal Exchange Quality Manager Beth Ann Caspersen in January this year in Piura, Peru.

We’re proud to work with these amazing women through our trade partnership with ASPROCAFE Ingruma. Try Organic Colombian Crescendo, a seasonal light-medium roast with notes of cocoa, raisin and fig!


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