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Subarna Second Flush Loose Leaf Tea, 250g pouch

This second flush tea is grown by the farmers of the Subarna Small Farmers’ Society in Darjeeling, India. Affectionately called “Summer Blossom,” this tea is packed with the floral notes and delicate flavors of the summer harvest, June through July, with extra care taken to pluck only the most delicate two leaves and the bud of the new growth. Best enjoyed pure with no added milk or sweeteners and steeped at a lower water temperature (190-195°F) to avoid burning the tea leaves. One compostable pouch contains 250g loose tea.
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Bring water to 190º-195ºF (88º-90ºC), then steep 2-3g of tea for 3-4 minutes. If you don’t have a thermometer, allow just-boiled water to cool for about 2 minutes before steeping.

Black Tea Leaves

Learning to cultivate tea and community

The Subarna Small Tea Farmers Welfare Society is an organization of just over ninety farmers growing tea on about 60 hectares in the Darjeeling region of India. With support from Tea Promoters of India (TPI), Subarna farmers transitioned from growing less stable cash crops to learning to cultivate and produce a beautiful range of teas, all while developing their small farmer organization. Alongside TPI they have implemented vocational training workshops, education programs for children and women, infrastructure development, and health projects. Most teas–even those that are certified as fair trade–come from large plantations where workers have little say and are trapped in a system of dependency. The small farmers who grow our teas control their land and their livelihoods. Together, we’re building an alternative tea model and a farmer-led future for the tea industry.

What do our roast names mean?

At our solar-powered roastery in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, our worker-owner team batch roasts and conducts production cuppings daily to bring out the best characteristics in each harvest. With four primary roast levels, we think there’s a favorite here for everyone.

Medium Roast: expect the unique citrus, nutty, fruity, or floral notes of each coffee to shine through.

Full City Roast: you’ll get a bit more of the caramel flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Vienna Roast: starts to bring the smoky aroma and smooth and rich body of a darker roast.

French Roast: with the natural oils fully expressed, it’s an intensely dark and smoky experience akin to dark chocolate.