New Year, New Prices

As of January 2, 2019, Equal Exchange has moved to one simple price list for everyone. We no longer have separate pages for retail and organizational customers. We've raised some case prices slightly — our first price increase since 2011 — and we've made our pricing more consistent across the board to provide you with a better shopping experience. You'll also notice improvements to the web store, lower shipping rates, and a lower free shipping threshold.

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Here's why we decided to make this change

It's more flexible. Order individual chocolate bars, bags of coffee and boxes of tea. Or save money by ordering cases of these delicious products at our low wholesale case prices. Choose what's best for you, order by order! You'll always receive free shipping on any order that totals $75 or more.

It's simpler. Setting up an account is easier now, so you can get started right away. Our web store always displays accurate pricing without requiring you to log in first. We'll automatically let you know how close you are to free shipping and give suggestions on how you might save money. Plus, we're rolling out an exciting new rewards program in 2019 for organizations. And if you order for your congregation, you'll earn bonus funds for your denominational partnership.

It makes it easy for everyone to invest in Fair Trade. No matter whether you order for your office, your church or synagogue, your buying club or just for yourself, you can save with wholesale case prices. We're extending case pricing to everyone, hoping this will inspire more people to join the movement of solidarity we've spent over three decades building!

It's fair to our partners. With your help, Equal Exchange supports small scale farmers and their communities, year after year, no matter what. In recent years, extreme weather events and disease have impacted crop yields while violence, strikes and sudden drops in global commodity prices have damaged rural economies. Occasional price adjustments like this one ensure that we can support farmers' resilience and maintain our relationships, whatever the new season brings.

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