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Organic Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt, 43% cacao

Deliciously sweet and creamy, this milk chocolate bar has crunchy caramel bits and mouthwatering sea salt crystals. Soy- and gluten-free. 12 Pack contains twelve 80g (2.8oz) bars.
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*Organic Raw Cane Sugar, *Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Whole Milk Powder, *Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Caramel 10% (*Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Whole Milk Powder), *Organic Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar, Sea Salt.

*Fairly Traded Ingredient. By Weight 79% from Fair Trade Co-operatives.

Contains milk. May contain peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds & coconut.

Soy- and gluten-free.

About 2.5 servings per container Serving size 9 pieces (30g)

Amount per serving, % DV Total Fat 11g, 15% - Sat. Fat 7g, 35% - Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 5mg, 2% Sodium 70mg, 3% Total Carb. 15g, 6% - Fiber <1g, 4% - Total Sugars 14g -   incl. 12g Added Sugars, 24% Protein 2g

Vitamin D, 0% Calcium, 6% Iron, 8% Potassium, 2%

USDA Organic logo  Swiss Dairy Kosher logo

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Kosher Dairy Certified by Rabbi Marcel Yair Ebel, Gemeinderabbiner Emeritus, of Israelitischen Cultusgemeinde Zurich

Grown by small farmer co-ops

This chocolate bar is made from organic cacao from Togo, Dominican Republic and Peru, organic sugar from Paraguay and Costa Rica, and sea salt from France, all grown by small farmer co-ops. When farmers organize into co-ops they gain crucial market access, run their business democratically, and decide together how to invest in their communities. Since 2018, we’ve partnered with SCOOPS IKPA, in Badou, Togo. “IKPA” means “strength” in the Akposso language, a fitting name for this co-operative, which has a solid forward-looking mission. Their vision for 2030 is to grow crops organically in the region in order to benefit the health of the whole community.

What do our roast names mean?

At our solar-powered roastery in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, our worker-owner team batch roasts and conducts production cuppings daily to bring out the best characteristics in each harvest. With four primary roast levels, we think there’s a favorite here for everyone.

Medium Roast: expect the unique citrus, nutty, fruity, or floral notes of each coffee to shine through.

Full City Roast: you’ll get a bit more of the caramel flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Vienna Roast: starts to bring the smoky aroma and smooth and rich body of a darker roast.

French Roast: with the natural oils fully expressed, it’s an intensely dark and smoky experience akin to dark chocolate.