Organic Solstice - 5lb

Organic Solstice - 5lb

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Our Women in Coffee series highlights coffee that honors women leaders in our supply chain, from seed to cup. For a limited time, try Organic Solstice from Colombia - now available in both light and dark roasts!

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Tasting Notes (Organic Solstice Light)
Sweet & Juicy
cranberry, prune, butterscotch

Tasting Notes (Organic Solstice Dark)
Bittersweet & Spicy
toasted walnut, brownie, cranberry

Please note: tasting notes and descriptions refer to the natural flavors and nuances of the coffee. There is no added flavoring.


Kosher USDA Organic

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union


This is a light roast.
Medium Roast (Solstice Light) or Vienna Roast (Solstice Dark)


Beth Ann and Angelica

Angelica Arroyave (left) and Beth Ann Caspersen (right) take a selfie with coffee trees on the mountainside in Montero, Peru this past May.

A Spotlight on Two Women in Quality.
So much goes into quality coffee behind the scenes. The Quality Team at Equal Exchange looks far beyond the quality processes in our building. We are engaged from the ground up, working with farmers and the co-op staff to consistently evolve quality, at all points in the supply chain.

Coffee Quality Manager at Equal Exchange

In addition to her responsibilities at Equal Exchange, Beth Ann is part of a rigorous coffee quality program called The Q, run by the Coffee Quality Insititute. She is one of about 40 instructors in the world. Because Beth Ann is a trainer at heart, her goal from the get-go was not to hoard this knowledge, nor to simply apply it to the coffee market here in the US, but rather to be a bridge to help small farmer groups access this type of training and skill-building.

Cupper at ASPROCAFE Ingruma Co-op in Colombia

Angelica is an accomplished coffee cupper and won Colombia’s National Cupping Competition in 2015. Angelica has entered the program to become a Q Grader Instructor, to ultimately be able to bring this training to more coffee professionals in Northern Colombia. The path to become an instructor is a 4-step process that includes observing, assisting and teaching Q Grader classes that are centered on sensory workshops and exams.

Beth Ann and Angelica have been working together for over a decade. This has taken so many forms, from working on roasting, cupping and brewing techniques in the US, to visiting the fields and farms in Colombia, to working together most recently in Peru, where Beth Ann taught a Q class and Angelica was an observer, as part 1 of her 4-part program toward becoming an instructor herself.

While these two women work together on the grand vision of sharing knowledge and sharpening quality skills, they also are rooted in the daily important work of tasting and selecting coffees grown by the farmers of APROCAFE Ingruma, and selecting which lots of coffee will be sent to Equal Exchange for roasting and sale. In the Organic Solstice limited edition coffees, you can taste the results!


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