Regenerative Organic Coconut Oil, 30oz jar

SKU: 65091

Regenerative Organic Coconut Oil, 30oz jar

SKU: 65091



Equal Exchange has had a special relationship with the folks at Dr. Bronner's for many years. Together we have pushed the fair trade certification systems to return to their origins of representing the hopes and aspirations of small-scale farmers and their cooperatives. Learn more about Dr. Bronner's at


Expeller-pressed from carefully dried coconuts, Dr. Bronner's fairly-traded Regenerative Organic Certified Coconut Oil has a rich flavor and nutty aroma. Their farmers in Sri Lanka are implementing regenerative organic practices like mulching, composting and intercropping that enrich the soil, promote biodiversity, and sequester atmospheric carbon?building resilience in the face of a changing climate. One large 30oz jar.


Kosher USDA Organic


Regenerative Organic Certified Virgin Coconut Oil*

* Certified fair trade ingredient

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