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About Equal Exchange

Beth Ann (front left), Todd (front center), and Phyllis (front right) with co-op members at la Defensa de la Ecologia Atitlan, Oaxaca, Mexico

Cupping Coffee and Feedback

Beth Ann provides feedback to a coffee cupper at Gumutindo Co-op, Uganda.

Equal Exchange is a worker–owned cooperative that has been leading the authentic Fair Trade movement and creating big change since 1986. We believe in a fair and honest trade system that empowers both farmers and consumers, and with your help, we are creating a more equitable, democratic, and sustainable world.

To help realize this vision, we have built long-term, mutually beneficial trade partnerships with small farmer cooperatives around the world. These relationships mean better prices for our producers, higher quality products for you, and a stronger global community. We've committed to the environment, too, by implementing sustainable, organic agriculture practices to protect its valuable resources.

And that's just the beginning! Together, we are changing the way trade happens around the world. With Equal Exchange, you can feel good knowing that every single one of your purchases directly benefits and strengthens the hardworking people and communities that make your favorite products possible.

We believe in building strong communities and connecting them through a shared love of not only great coffee, but a love for all that is fair, cooperative, and just. Want to join us? We partner with thousands of congregations, organizations, and individuals who want to spread the word and support big change. It's so easy to get involved – we offer many options for bringing Equal Exchange into your community and making a difference in the world. Learn more >

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