History of Authentic Fair Trade Comic Book

Fair Trade, like the coffee it distributes, is complex, rich and fascinating. In this comic book (also available to read online in English or Spanish), we present a version of Fair Trade that is shared by many Equal Exchange colleagues, allies, and partners.

We've chosen to tell the history in comic book format, as it allows us to tell this story through heroes and villains, and by condensing events. We hope it will serve to pique the reader's curiosity so she will dig deeper, ask questions, and ultimately make a conscious decision about where she stands in relation to small farmers, co-operatives, and democratic movements, as well as corporations, certifying agencies, and alternative trade organizations. After all, it's our time, energy, and consumer dollars that drive it all.

So sit back and enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee as you contemplate this comic book history of Fair Trade, and decide how it all fits together on your path to peace and social justice.

Paperback, 48 pages

Limit 5 per customer. Large quantities of this item can be obtained for schools and organizations by contacting customer service at 774-776-7366 or communityorders@equalexchange.coop.

SKU: 44202

What do our roast names mean?

At our solar-powered roastery in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, our worker-owner team batch roasts and conducts production cuppings daily to bring out the best characteristics in each harvest. With four primary roast levels, we think there’s a favorite here for everyone.

Medium Roast: expect the unique citrus, nutty, fruity, or floral notes of each coffee to shine through.

Full City Roast: you’ll get a bit more of the caramel flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Vienna Roast: starts to bring the smoky aroma and smooth and rich body of a darker roast.

French Roast: with the natural oils fully expressed, it’s an intensely dark and smoky experience akin to dark chocolate.