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Equal Exchange's alternative trade model would not be what it is today without the support and dedication of thousands of faith-based communities across the country. Whether through the tradition of fellowship coffee hour after service, monthly table sales of Equal Exchange products, or alternative gift markets before the holidays, our interfaith solidarity network remains a powerful part of our model and our impact. Bring our delicious, fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and snacks to your congregation while making a difference for small farmer communities around the world.

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Organize a Fair Trade Sale

Kay Mackie spent a decade and a half connecting the Monona United Methodist Church in Wisconsin with the mission of Equal Exchange. Each month she would highlight a new topic in her church’s newsletter and give a two minute talk at the beginning of services to spotlight new products. In early years, she would set up a small table sale with Equal Exchange products in the fellowship hall. When the pandemic started, she moved her table to a more visible, contact-free spot in the foyer with instruction for people to make purchases whenever they needed. In 2020, they had their most successful year selling $9,000 of Equal Exchange products. Kay’s determined leadership and her congregation’s commitment to small farmers and alternative trade is an inspiration to us all.

5 tips for planning a fair trade sale
Sharing cases with your group
Choosing the right products

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Fellowship Coffee Hour

Carolyn Boone of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, Washington says “Farmers work so hard just to survive, while we have so much we are able to splurge on luxuries such as coffee and chocolate. It seems an easy choice to funnel our money through the most direct pipeline to those farmers while enjoying the fruits of their labor.” Through Carolyn’s leadership and the congregation’s support, they proudly serve Equal Exchange coffee at fellowship hour and all other church gatherings. They purchase several cases of 5-lb bags each month and use pillow packs when pre-measured ground coffee is preferred. They’ve fine-tuned a seamless process that has inspired her whole community to get behind this ministry, making a difference for small farmer communities around the world.

Choose your coffee
Why switch to Fair Trade coffee
Serving tools and brewing tips

Alternative Gift Giving

As a Mennonite, Scott G. got involved with offering Equal Exchange products because he saw there were very few ways to get money to underdeveloped countries. He typically sells Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate self-serve out of his office, and has recently been making home deliveries. He and his wife, Sharon, have also given Palestinian olive oil as gifts and enjoyed sharing stories from Sharon’s trip to the West Bank several years ago that she took through the Mennonite Church USA. Scott has enjoyed sharing Equal Exchange with others and spreading the word about the mission.

Gift basket ideas and inspiration

Help Us Spread the Word

Invite your network to learn more about Equal Exchange products and how they can support an independent and transparent food system. Here's what others are saying:

“Equal Exchange chocolate is smooooth, quite tasty, politically correct, and ensures I walk the walk of sustainability, supporting small cooperative farms, reaching hands to our brothers and sisters on other continents who share our beliefs.” —Sue M.

Equal Exchange products give a “...better life to farm families. We buy coffee, tea, nuts, and olive oil so families can have food to eat, clinics and schools in their communities! Give farmers a fair price for ther labors!!” —Dorothy K.

“I have been buying coffee and other products from Equal Exchange for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. The coffee is as good as it gets, whether you buy whole bean or ground, regular or decaffeinated, it's always fresh and full of flavor. The teas and chocolates are also wonderful. However, the best part of doing business with Equal Exchange is knowing you are helping small farmers earn a living through the Fair Trade program. I'm proud to be a part of this team and encourage you to join the effort. Together, we can build a better planet!” —Jeffrey H.