Bring Equal Exchange to your Congregation

Be an ambassador for organically grown, ethically sourced and fairly traded products by bringing Equal Exchange to your congregation. Whether through the tradition of fellowship coffee hour after services, monthly table sales, alternative gift markets before the holidays, or simply sharing a case of your favorite goods with friends you'll be a part of our powerful interfaith solidarity network making a difference for small farming communities around the world and helping to build a more just food system.

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We offer a variety of organic, small farmer grown products

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Wholesale case pricing for selling and serving at your congregation

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Promotional materials, articles, and tools on our Resource Center

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Free virtual webinars and tastings to energize and inform your community

Ready to get started?

Our dedicated Interfaith team offers one-on-one support at every step, from early inquiries to brainstorming new ideas. Call or email, we love hearing from you. Or simply fill out our request form to get more information.

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Serve at Fellowship Hour

Serve delicious, fairly traded coffee, tea, and cocoa after services and at fellowship hour.

Learn more:
Choosing Coffee to Serve Your Group

Organize a Fair Trade Sale

Sell Equal Exchange small farmer grown products for your fellow congregants to enjoy at home. Or set up a table at your next alternative gift market before the holidays.

Learn more:
5 Tips to Plan a Fair Trade Sale
Promotional resources

Start a Buying Club

Organize with friends to order by the case and share your favorite fairly traded goods.

Learn more:
Groups sharing cases

Your purchases support

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Investments in regenerative agriculture to help farmers combat climate change

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Gender equity workshops and youth empowerment programs to strengthen farmer co-ops

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Pre-harvest financing of farmers' crops to allow for dependable livelihoods

Invite others and encourage a switch to Equal Exchange

Introduce Equal Exchange to your congregants or your church's social justice, climate action, or mission committees. Share this 2-minute video with your congregation and check out these helpful tips to encourage a switch to Equal Exchange.

“Having heard about the plight of the farmers, I have stayed in their homes and have seen their schools and medical centers. I have met resilient people who are joyous, caring, and sharing in their communities. My enthusiasm and energy to partner with Equal Exchange–a lifeline for farmers–has not wavered.”

-Linda Elliott of First Presbyterian in Charleston, WV sells Equal Exchange products at her congregation's Hope and Justice Fair Trade Market. Read Linda's inspiring story.