Organic Espresso Coffee, 5lb whole bean

Full City Roast

Our espresso blend is meticulously crafted to offer outstanding and balanced flavor both as a shot and as a cup of brewed coffee. The velvety mouthfeel accompanies vibrant and complex notes of mixed berries, apple, and plum with hints of butter. The bright acidity has a sparkling lemonade quality that’s crisp and agreeable without being sharp. The complexity and depth of this coffee are extraordinary, offering many flavors that work harmoniously rather than competing for attention. No added flavoring. 2 Pack contains two 5lb bags of coffee (10lbs total).

Unit of Measure
SKU: 10010 ISBN: 745998404101

100% Organic Arabica Coffee

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Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union

What do our roast names mean?

At our solar-powered roastery in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, our worker-owner team batch roasts and conducts production cuppings daily to bring out the best characteristics in each harvest. With four primary roast levels, we think there’s a favorite here for everyone.

Medium Roast: expect the unique citrus, nutty, fruity, or floral notes of each coffee to shine through.

Full City Roast: you’ll get a bit more of the caramel flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Vienna Roast: starts to bring the smoky aroma and smooth and rich body of a darker roast.

French Roast: with the natural oils fully expressed, it’s an intensely dark and smoky experience akin to dark chocolate.