Organic Darjeeling Tea

Organic Darjeeling Tea

Organic Darjeeling Tea

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Experience the headiness of the Himalayas. Sip slowly and savor this elegant tea which evokes misty mountains and exotic locales. Transcend.

20 Tea Bags per Box

Instructions: Just under boiling (195 - 205F). Steep for 2-4 minutes.


Aroma: delicate oak notes, wine, citrus, vanilla
Flavor: raisin, carmelized sugar, floral, sweet, velvetty body and refined astringency


Kosher USDA Organic

Kosher certified by the Star-K.


Organic Black Tea Leaves


This tea comes from the small farmers of Mineral Springs Co-op in Darjeeling, India. Mineral Springs members grow tea as one part of a diversified production system, usually with spices, oranges, or dairy. The farmers from this beautiful hill community are deeply committed to organic and sustainable production.

Most teas — even Fair Trade teas — come from large-scale plantations and tea estates where workers have little say, and are trapped in a system of dependency. Equal Exchange’s fairly traded, organic teas are different! We buy our delicious tea directly from democratically-organized groups of growers. When small-scale farmers gain access to the global market, they have more economic power, better lives, and healthier communities.

Each of our producer partners is unique, with a history of ambition, struggle and success. Over the years, these farmers have worked to set themselves apart in a historically oppressive industry. Read more about our tea partners and supply chain on the blog!


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