Organic Congo Coffee Project - 1lb

Organic Congo Coffee

Organic Congo Coffee Project - 1lb

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An inspirational blend of East African Coffees that is smooth and balanced, with rich chocolate, sweet vanilla, brown spices and a hint of fresh berry. Whole bean only.



Tasting Notes

Aroma: milk chocolate, ginger, fudge
Flavor: balanced, dark chocolate, brown spices & blueberry
Mouthfeel: smooth & creamy
Acidity: delicate
Aftertaste: chocolate, brown sugar & spice

Please note: tasting notes and descriptions refer to the natural flavors and nuances of the coffee. There is no added flavoring.


Kosher USDA Organic

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union.


This is a medium light roast.
Full City Roast


The Congo Coffee Project supports growth and healing in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our producer partner for this coffee is SOPACDI, a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual co-op in the D.R. Congo that is working to rebuild the local economy, empower women, and unite diverse groups through coffee production.

Equal Exchange donates $2 to the Panzi Foundation for every bag of coffee retail customers buy (or $1 from bags purchased wholesale). Since 1999, the Panzi Hospital has treated tens of thousands of women who are survivors of epidemic sexual violence or are in need of reproductive and maternal care. Beyond the medical, their work includes essential counseling, skill training, literacy education, and daycare. Thanks to you, Equal Exchange has donated over $60,000 to the Panzi Foundation so far!

In uniting with SOPACDI and the Panzi Foundation, the Congo Coffee Project has a twofold impact: by addressing economic instability directly by working with a cooperative that is restoring the local economy from the ground up, and by aiding survivors of systematic violence and long term unrest. These combined efforts support the healing needed to move forward and the foundation for a better future.

Read more about the Congo Coffee Project here.



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