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Our Packaging

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Equal Exchange is committed to sourcing responsibly. That extends from the ingredients in our products to the packaging materials we put them in. Packaging is key to maintaining the quality and freshness of products that farmers work hard to grow. We use the most environmentally conscious options that meet our standards for keeping coffee, chocolate, tea and fair foods tasting delicious until you take them home.

This page provides information about the composition of Equal Exchange's product packaging. Scroll down to view information for each category of products we sell, or download a one-page PDF. Please refer to your local recycling and commercial composting guidelines to determine what is recyclable or compostable in your area.

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Chocolate Bars

  • Inner wrappers are #5 plastic.

  • Outer wrappers are paper.

Chocolate Minis

  • Inner wrappers are foil and paper combined.

  • Outer wrappers are paper.

Chocolate Chips

  • Bulk bags are #2 plastic.

  • Retail bags are #5 plastic.

Hot Cocoa

  • Body of cans are coated paper and foil.

  • Seals and bottoms of cans are aluminum.

  • Lids are #4 plastic.


Retail and Bulk coffee

  • Bags are a combination of foil and plastic.

Pillow Packs

  • Pillow packs are plastic.

Single Serve Cups

  • Cups are #5 plastic.

  • Lids are foil.

  • Filters are paper and are compostable when removed from cups.

  • Boxes in which the cups are packaged are paperboard.


  • Tea bags are unbleached abaca with organic cotton strings and tags made from paper printed with vegetable-based ink.

  • Tea envelopes are paper lined with plastic.

  • Tea boxes are paperboard.

Fair Foods

Olive Oil

  • Bottles are glass. Their caps are aluminum.

Nuts, Mangos, and Grains

  • Individual bags are plastic.


  • Boxes are cardboard.

  • Inner bags are plastic.

Serving supplies


  • Sleeves are paper.


  • Lids are #6 plastic.

Wood Stirrers

  • Stirrers are birchwood.

Coffee Filters

  • Filters are oxygen-bleached paper.

Tin Tie bags

  • Bags are paper with a corn-based liner, printed with water-based ink. Once the metal tie is removed, the rest of the bag is compostable.

Shipping supplies


  • Boxes are cardboard.

Packaging Peanuts

  • Packaging peanuts are made of corn starch. They dissolve in water.

Insulation Used to ship chocolate and cheese during hot weather to protect product.

  • Foam is #6 foam.

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