Organic Cold Brew Coffee - 5lb

Organic Cold Brew Bulk Coffee

Organic Cold Brew Coffee - 5lb

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This East African blend artfully combines both washed and naturally processed beans, for a refreshing cup with notes of milk chocolate and cooked berries that is perfectly suited for cold brewed iced coffee. Whole bean only.



Tasting Notes
Fruity & Bright
Raspberry, Chocolate Ice Cream, Blueberry

Please note: tasting notes and descriptions refer to the natural flavors and nuances of the coffee. There is no added flavoring.


Kosher USDA Organic

Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union


This is a medium light roast.
Full City Roast


Having access to some of the world's most pioneering coffee producers is a beautiful thing. We forge strong, inspiring relationships. We also source sweet, unique coffees to roast and share with our customers. Often we highlight these coffees solo, as a single origin. But we also know that combining origins can result in blends that are delicious in their own right, where different attributes from the origins complement each other and play off each other in new ways. Cold Brew was born out of this type of experimentation and this year evolves as it becomes a blend of two delicious origins.

Ethiopia: The heavy, mixed berry flavors found in our naturally processed Ethiopian offer condensed sweetness and intrigue.

D.R. Congo: The delicate jasmine notes found in our centrally washed Congolese coffee round out and balance the blend.


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