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Customer Service Representatives

From left to right: Customer Service Reps Lilla, Keith, Lisa, Jonathan, and Sharyn


Equal Exchange Customer Service is here to help. You are an important part of the Equal Exchange community, and your satisfaction matters! That's why we're devoted to solving problems, hearing your stories, and making it easy to shop with us. We know your time is valuable, so we work quickly to resolve issues, answer questions, and get products to your door.

If you have concerns, questions, or just want to tell us how you're doing — give us a call. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Your friends,
The Equal Exchange Customer Service Team

No matter whom I talk with every time I call, everyone is just so friendly and helpful. It's a pleasure to deal with Equal Exchange.

— Carol Iglauer, Union Avenue Christian Church, St. Louis, MO.

Thank you. You guys are terrific — the team effort is part of what makes shopping for our church such a blessing.

— Susan Jett, Cherokee Village United Methodist Church, AR

Everyone there is so friendly, helpful, nice, polite and courteous. Someone from your organization surveyed me recently and I said that. I just want all there to know that it is truly appreciated. And, I am the first one to complain if service is not good.

— Jim Reagan, The Catholic Worker, New York, NY

Hi Aaron. Thanks for putting in my request. Equal Exchange has the best customer service!

— Amy Hansen, Heart River Lutheran Church, Mandan, ND

In an extensive survey conducted in 2010, 97% of respondents said they were extremely satisfied or satisfied with customer service at Equal Exchange.

Nobody's perfect. For problems with products, orders or for any other issues you wish to communicate with our customer service team please contact us directly at communityorders@equalexchange.coop or call 774-776-7366.

Our Mission — Not Customer Service as Usual!

We're here to connect you to our farmer partners through products and stories, to work together to create lasting social and economic change through Authentic Fair Trade. We do this through excellent and personal customer service that builds lasting relationships between you, our team and our farmer partners.

Customer Service Representatives

Our Customer Service Team