Cases Only Program

Cases Only Program

Equal Exchange is moving to a cases-only program.

case of chocolate bars

Selling products by the case is a little unusual, but Equal Exchange has always done things differently. By choosing a more efficient wholesale model, we’re better able to support small-scale farmers around the world. And we reduce the environmental impact of our shipping operations and packaging.

Starting March 19th 2020, we will sell most products by the case only. That means you’ll no longer be able to buy single bags of 10/12/16 oz packaged coffee, single chocolate bars, single boxes of tea or single Fair Foods items. You’ll still be able to buy all these products by the case and we’ll be happy to continue shipping them to you.

You can order the way you do now, online or over the phone, with the same low prices, same case sizes and same shipping minimum you’re used to. Our cases are very manageable - five or six bags of packaged coffee (depending on the variety), six boxes of tea, and 12 chocolate bars.

Download our catalog to view current prices and product information.

Attention bulk coffee lovers! We’ll continue to sell 5 lb. bags of bulk coffee individually, so you can choose to mix and match -- or save by buying a case of two of the same variety.

Want to taste a variety of our favorite chocolate bars? Try our Chocolate Bar Collection Gift Box, which includes nine different bars for you to sample and share.

They’re not quite cases, but they aren’t going anywhere! Our countertop box of 150 Minis and bulk bag of 888 Minis will still be available, as will coffee in Pillow Packs.

A system that’s truly alternative

Terry holding a case of coffee

It’s much more efficient and ecological to sell farmers’ products by the case. In spite of what we’re seeing around us in retail, we don’t think it makes sense to sell and ship single bags of coffee, chocolate bars and boxes of tea. Shipping many extremely small orders means:

  1. Inefficiency for our warehouse team, who pick products by hand
  2. Increased packing materials to ship only one or two items in a carton
  3. Extra pollution from the complex combination of UPS and FedEx vans and other trucks to deliver your small order

In contrast, when you order wholesale by the case, you have the opportunity to share products with family, friends, fellow congregants, and neighbors. By increasing the volume of coffee, chocolate, tea and fair foods that you purchase, you’re increasing the demand for these products -- and paying less per item. You’re supporting an independent and direct supply chain that connects you to small-scale farmers. In an industry where power, control, and brands are being consolidated by corporations, you’re part of a movement that keeps alternative trade thriving. And you bring your community together around food.

What about our fundraising catalog program?

Because of this change in operations, the 2020 Equal Exchange Fundraising Catalog Program will expire early. We’ll accept catalog orders until April 30, 2020. Orders submitted after that date won’t be processed. Please plan accordingly and recycle any remaining catalogs you may have.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we offer a true alternative to the corporate model.

Questions? Call us at 774-776-7366 or email